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Myco Analytical Chemistry Equipment

For those looking for analytical chemistry equipment or are in the market for laboratory analytical instruments, there are few places to get quality pre-owned ones than from MYCO. In business since 1978, Myco is one of the best providers of pre-owned analytical lab equipment, including mass spectrometers and clinical equipment. They have products for various purposes, from DNA analysis to hematology, from spectrometers to GC/MS systems and components. Clients can also enjoy up to a 70% discount, depending on what they want, so Myco is not only a high-quality provider but also affordable. Even without a huge discount, their entire catalog has reasonable prices.

The prices for these components and equipment are all within reasonable range and can give people a great deal of value. Various firms, from small companies to private medical labs, can take advantage of having top of the line equipment and facilities without spending a great deal of money on them. Whether they need HPLC, LC/MS, ICP/MS, or AAS systems or components, the prices are reasonable and the quality is guaranteed, backed by Myco and its experience and reputation. All of them are checked and tested, so there’s no worry about the equipment being damaged or inoperable due to previous owners.

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