The Benefits To Buying A Used Triple Quad

A Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, also known as a triple quad, is not a piece of equipment you are going to find in every lab and testing facility. However, for research, development, drug testing or any phase in the pharmaceutical product development model, it is an effective system to have in-house.

At MYCO Analytical, Inc. we realize that the cost of a new triple quad often makes this purchase impossible for a smaller lab. This is compounded with the cost and time it takes to develop a drug and get it to market before any profits are realized.

The Refurbishing Option

By selecting from our used triple quad models, your lab, research or testing facility can have a like-new system in place for a fraction of the cost of the new version. With our refurbishing services in place, the equipment is fully tested, repaired, upgraded, inspected and then tested to make sure all functions, features, and testing capacities are fully functional and operational.

Additionally, and this is critical, with refurbishing all components are brought up to current OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards for that model. This means the used triple quad you purchase would be identical in functions, technology, and systems to the same model purchased new.

The Options

As a specialized laboratory and medical testing equipment company, we have a top selection of used triple quad models in our inventory at any given time. This can include the AB Sciex models, the Thermo Scientific TSQ Vantage model as well as triple quads from Agilent Technologies.

If you have a specific manufacturer or model you are interested in, just talk to our staff. With our network of buyers and our network with the medical, pharmaceutical and research facilities, we can often track down equipment for our customers with just a few phone calls.