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Obtaining Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Myco has been a reliable brand for selling used analytical equipment since 1978, with high-quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation. As an industry leader we offer various types of analytical chemistry instruments and other quality equipment, including Mass Spec, HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS, ICP/MS, chemistry, and AAS systems, along with the associated components. Clinics, labs, and pharmaceutical facilities can benefit using equipment offered from Myco. The equipment and systems are all sold at affordable and reasonable prices, with their functionality and quality guaranteed by Myco, a trusted analytical instrument supplier. Our company has a solid reputation and an experienced team of professionals who are willing to help you find the right instrument.

Myco Analytical offer our clientele a huge savings – up to 70% discount on certain systems –new analytical systems or equipment that has been pre-owned. Myco assists any customer or company to secure the right instrumentation to meet its needs, at prices that are hard to argue with. The Myco catalog of clinical instrumentation equipment features various purposes, including medical testing equipment for blood tests, hematology, immunology, DNA analysis, and urine analysis. Whatever your analytical equipment and instrumentation you are searching for, Myco will provide a quality product.

About Myco

Myco Instrumentation, Inc. is a laboratory equipment supplier and selling high quality used medical equipment. An industry leader in providing quality used and refurbished medical equipment to customers worldwide. Whether you are looking for used equipment in working condition, or completely refurbished and warranted equipment, we are here to meet your needs and provide you with exactly what you want. We offer high quality, pre-owned lab equipment for sale with a cost savings of up to 70% off new equipment prices.

In addition to selling equipment, we also purchase surplus equipment. It is our policy to pay in full for the equipment prior to removal. In addition,we can assist with the decontamination process and removal of the equipment. For your convenience, Myco arranges and pays for all shipping costs, making the selling process quick and easy.

Myco has been a trusted name in the industry for over 40 years! With our extensive knowledge, experience, and unmatched reputation in this industry, we guarantee your satisfaction. Please allow us the opportunity to assist you with all of your used equipment needs.

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