Does Your Lab Need a Used QTRAP?

At MYCO Analytical, Inc., we offer a full range of used QTRAP systems that are priced to allow most labs to be able to easily add one to their testing equipment line.

In addition, we also offer a finance center on our website through a specialized capital provider experienced in working with medical providers, labs and other types of testing facilities. This can assist in deferring the cost of adding a used QTRAP system to your lab with causing a delay in the arrival and potential use of the equipment.

The QTRAP is a mass spectrometer where different quadrupoles serve in different functions. Typically, the two outside or the first and third are filters, while the center quadrupole will function as a collision cell. As a highly sophisticated testing system and it is used in drug manufacturing, food production and a range of different testing requirements across multiple industries.

The Drawbacks

As this is a relatively new technology, the cost of a new QTRAP system is very cost prohibitive. There are very few labs that can simply go out and purchase a new system, particularly smaller and independent labs or testing facilities.

By purchasing a used QTRAP from MYCO Analytical, Inc., testing facilities can add this valuable resource to their equipment inventory and testing possibilities for a fraction of the price.

The Benefits

Labs and testing facilities that add the QTRAP technology to their testing equipment will enjoy a range of different benefits. This will include:

  • Increased testing capacity – with the QTRAP system in place there is a complete opportunity to not just test, but to collect specific data on samples throughout the testing process.
  • Efficient identification – with the ability to set ranges that are outside the scope of other equipment, the QTRAP allows for both advanced identifications as well as qualitative analysis.
  • Elimination of false results – to assist in eliminating both false positives and negatives, QTRAP identification and the software library provides more precise results.

Investing in a QTRAP system is an important consideration for many labs. Working with MYCO Analytical, Inc. can make it affordable on your budget.