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Safety and Lab Analytical Instruments

The use of lab analytical instruments can sometimes be hazardous. Some of them use high-speed machinery to get their work done, and if something goes wrong, it can do a lot of damage. The potential for accidents is why safety equipment is something that is very important for any laboratory. Whether they are working on hematology, urine analysis, genetic material or any of a hundred different things that require high-tech equipment, there is always a need for safety gear. MYCO, one of the top providers of pre-owned, certified, high-quality lab instruments and equipment understands this. As an extension of its business, it also sells high-quality safety gear, so that anyone that purchases their systems and components can feel safe using them.

Safety goggles, ear protection, protective coats, and biohazard containers are just part of the many products available from MYCO. Ever since they first started business in 1978, MYCO has been a reliable, leading provider for pre-owned laboratory equipment, components, and systems. Whether they need a mass spectrometer or an HPLC, they can get them from MYCO – depending on what they purchase, they might even get a discount of up to 70% on the item. All of the items in the catalog are certified and guaranteed to be of high-quality, but also cost less than something that is brand new.

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