Strategies for Buying A Used GC MS

One of the goals of the staff at MYCO Analytical is to assist our customers in getting the right equipment at a price that works in their equipment purchase budget. We understand that different labs and testing facilities will have different needs for testing, which means we strive to offer a top range of different sizes, models, brands and options in all of the used and refurbished equipment we sell.

When our customers are looking for a used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) system, we are here to help. There is a strategic way to approach the purchase that will help anyone ensure that the equipment purchase will meet all of the basic requirements for the lab as well as offer the most applicable features given the current and future use requirements.

What Buying Used Means

Sometimes, particularly for our first-time buyers, the term “used” can be confusing. When we offer a used GC MS, we are sourcing it from our reputable network of sellers, not just taking any machine somebody offers us. We only select machines in a given age range and offer a generous warranty in the event that anything does go wrong with the unit you purchase. Additionally, we also make sure the system meets all current industry requirements and standards.

Our pre-owned equipment is fully inspected on a cosmetic level as well. There may be some minor signs of use as can be expected with typical laboratory use. Our sales team can answer any and all questions about any of our used GC MS systems prior to your decision.

Consider Financing

While the prices of our pre-owned laboratory, analytical and testing equipment is highly competitive with other sellers, it can be a challenge for small labs to replace large equipment such as the GC-MS.

We offer financing through our website by a third-party provider who specializes in equipment financing. This option can allow a lab to make smaller monthly payments on the equipment, potentially providing the option to upgrade to a more advanced used GC MS system and still work within the budget.

Let the MYCO Analytical team help you in choosing the ideal pre-owned GCMS for your needs. Give us a call today at 253.447.8705 to get started.