Top Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned Analytical Chemistry Instruments from MYCO Analytical

No matter the size of your laboratory, you’ve likely wondered about ways to save money on equipment purchases. We’re always surprised at the number of customers that we get at MYCO who hadn’t previously considered buying used equipment to accomplish that goal. At MYCO, we have been providing quality pre-owned analytical chemistry instruments since 1978. Our experience and expertise in medical, lab and chemistry equipment has earned us a solid reputation as a dependable supplier to labs and facilities of all sizes across the United States.

There are several reasons why our customers continue to use our services to find quality equipment. Focusing on the following four reasons will help you see why MYCO is considered the first and only place to shop for analytical chemistry instruments.

Exceptional Customer Support and Service

Unlike some pre-owned equipment dealers, we are experts in the equipment we sell. This means that our sales staff can not only assist you with your purchase, but they can assist you in finding the right instrument for your lab and your testing requirements.

In some cases, we can suggest equipment that may provide greater flexibility and versatility. We can also work within our network to track down specific equipment required that is not currently in stock.

Equipment Function and Quality Guarantee

It’s not worth buying pre-owned analytical chemistry instruments if you’re going to sacrifice on quality. To make sure we provide that, our team of professionals will test and visually inspect all equipment before it is sold. At the same time, we will stand behind the equipment we sell, which is a difference that our customers have come to appreciate over other pre-owned equipment sellers.