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Used Analytical Instruments

Since being founded in 1978, MYCO has been the source of reliable, top of the line pre-owned laboratory equipment and instrumentation. The company has an ample inventory of used analytical instruments, with a long list of products from some of the top manufacturers in the country. All of them have been checked and certified to ensure their quality and functionality, so clients can always get the best without paying full price for a brand-new piece of equipment, component, or system. These are available at low prices, allowing smaller companies and labs to get their hands on necessary equipment without breaking their budgets.

Boost Your Efficiency with Pre-Owned Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Used analytical equipment isn’t just a more cost-effective option than a newer version; it’s also a great opportunity to reuse machinery that would otherwise be thrown away. Once we’ve finished checking and testing the used analytical instruments we provide, they will often give decades of further useful service. By using second hand analytical instruments, you’re also keeping them out of landfill, and helping to conserve the earth’s resources.

Used Analytical Instruments Offer Great Performance

Although some establishments are eager to ensure they benefit from the most advanced instruments on the market, for other organizations, used analytical chemistry instruments are often entirely suitable. We stock pre-owned supplies from a range of top manufacturers, including used Agilent instruments and many more hi-tech, reliable options.

About MYCO Analytical

MYCO has been providing high quality, pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to its worldwide clients since 1978. As a trusted industry leader, we’ve built a strong reputation by offering only the highest quality, pre-owned instrumentation at affordable prices. We buy and sell pre-owned Mass Spec, HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS, ICP/MS, and AAS components and systems.

MYCO offers our clients savings of up to 70% off new analytical systems when buying pre-owned equipment. Let us help you secure the correct instrumentation to meet your analytical needs.

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